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Elegance, Style & Poise One Day Programme in London, 29th April

As modern women, we are always busy. We are taking care of our homes, families, work and careers. As we move further into the year, it is so easy to put self-care on a back burner and get caught up in multiple external demands. Are you ready to take a break from everything and gift […]

Style Retreats In Europe and Beyond

From time to time, I combine my passions of style and travel and invite women to join me on style retreats in my favourites cities in Europe, across the world and, of course, in London (there is always something new to discover in my home city). Each place has a unique vibe and transformation to offer. For […]

Event in London: Enhance Your Personal Growth Journey with Style

Are you a woman on a personal growth journey? Are you committed to living life on your own terms even though it is not easy at times? And do you desire to make this journey easier and more joyful for yourself? If this is you, I would like to truly acknowledge you. I know committing to […]