How to create a magnetic brand, even when you are just starting out -

How to create a magnetic brand, even when you are just starting out

Magical Santa Fe

Magical Santa Fe

I have just come back from an inspiring event for women entrepreneurs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not only did the event gather 40 amazing women in the room and helped each of grow, but it was also perfectly organised and stylishly beautiful to the last detail. Feeling ready to plan my own event in 2015, I was trying to figure out if there is a success formula I could follow.

The event was absolutely unique both in terms of content and structure, which made figuring out the formula part rather difficult. Who organises business events in remote Santa Fe? It does not sound right on paper, and yet it was so right when I experienced it. The same happens when I look at successful businesses I admire. They all seem so different. The more I observe, the more I realise there isn’t a specific one formula that fits all.

However, I did notice one thing: each successful event, each business I admire has an authentic desire and strong personal values at its core. I have to admit that with the corporate background, this – infusing your personal desires and values into your business – is one of the most difficult things to do. After years of working in jobs where what you actually want is of least relevance, it is not easy to suddenly make it your absolute priority.

I know I am not alone. I have met so many women who are struggling to prioritise their true desires even those who love their jobs or those who left the corporate world to create their own passion-based business. Instead, we go after what we think or are told makes the most sense. We create sensible business strategies based on our core “marketable” skills that are supposed to make us good money and replace our salaries. And we begin working hard at reaching success, financial and other types. We get frustrated when it does not happen, we work harder and we end up tired and demotivated, just like we did in our job. Sounds familiar?

I have been through this several times this year. One thing I have learned is that the rules are different when you are an entrepreneur and choosing a sensible route does not always lead to the success you desire. Making money is a single measure of success in the corporate world but for an entrepreneur it is not enough. Making money while having fun, doing things your way and expressing your unique gifts is a different level of success.

On my path to create a business I am truly passionate about I learned that success begins with a magnetic personal brand, the kind of brand you are proud of and embody with ease, because it is so natural for you, while attracting your ideal client.

How to create a successful and magnetic brand, even when you are just starting out

1. Infuse your lifestyle into your business 

I love travelling and meeting women around the world. Here I am with my new friend Rebeca, a meditation coach

I love travelling and meeting women around the world. Here I am with my new friend Rebeca, a meditation coach

We are taught to build our business with the bottom line in mind, everything else comes later. While bottom line is extremely important, if you are going to make money, you need to ensure that your most important resource is in top shape. That resource is you. As you are your brand, this means that your needs are an absolute priority if you are to serve your clients beyond their expectations and go big. You need to be full of energy, motivated, inspired, which is difficult if your lifestyle is causing you stress, if you say no to yourself all the time.

List all your lifestyle desires, for example travel, no weekend work, time for exercise and meditation every morning. Once you know what they are, decide on what what structures in your business will support these best and make these activities part of your business and brand. You will find that your inspired lifestyle can attract people more than a dry business newsletter.

2. Focus on what you love doing and experiencing instead of just doing what you could be paid for

I have seen so many women who decided to leave their corporate jobs re-creating another job for themselves when becoming self-employed. They focus on what skills they used to be paid for from their CV and base their business around these without taking time to reflect what they actually enjoy doing. They end up feeling exhausted and don’t understand why the business is not taking off.

Your clients can sense when you are enjoying yourself while working. Who wouldn’t like to work with a person like that?

Us, former corporates are so keen for someone to hand us the rules we can follow to be successful. But, guess what? You get to create your own rules based on what brings you pleasure and what comes with ease. Pleasure is a key element of a magnetic brand.

3. Embody your authentic style 

Me at tatko's birthdayHow do you brand yourself for success? Embody your authentic style and your ideal clients will be attracted to you. You probably have heard this one before…

At the event in Santa Fe, we did an exercise where we each had to give each other cards reflecting our impression of that person. I was surprised to discover all my cards said “elegant”. This was so reassuring to me. Elegant for me represents stylish, confident, grown up, attractive, inspiring. This is what I want to embody with my brand.

Are you embodying what you want to be known for? Do you feel confident about the way you show up? Do you like to be in the spotlight? Do you love your style?

Create a list of values you want to embody. Don’t be afraid to ask people for feedback. Be consistent with how you show up online and offline.

I would love to hear from you

What are your thoughts about branding yourself for success? Do you feel the need to follow the rules and do the right thing in your business, even after leaving the corporate world behind? Do you feel like you are going back to your corporate habits? Share your answers in the comments area below.

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