How to Effortlessly Transition Your Style Into A New Season -

How to Effortlessly Transition Your Style Into A New Season

Transitions are not easy. September is typically the month when things get more serious after a lighter summer period. We get back to work after holidays, schedules get busier and, if you have children, everything needs to go back to “organised” mode…

Perhaps, you are struggling with finding motivation to get back into the gear after a summer break?

I have had my moments of struggle.

In addition to adjusting to a new speed and a busier schedules which are only going to get busier with the approaching end of the year, we also need to begin to dress for the new season.

If thinking about a new season wardrobe overwhelms you… If you haven’t had time to think about taking your style into autumn, especially with everything else you have going on, then this blog is for you.

And if you are missing summer already, let me assure you there is plenty to get excited about when it comes to your autumn style.

In this post, I am sharing three easy ways to dress elegantly during the seasonal transition, how to keep your style contemporary and what you need to think about right now to make your life easier in the months that follow.

And as a little side note, all my tips are customisable, so feel free to modify these to suit your unique signature style.

  1. Combine your favourite summer pieces with smarter city items for a contemporary look

Autumn fashion, its fabrics and shapes are typically smarter, “dressier” than easy summer style.

During the in-between season, the easiest way to update your style is to bring out timeless city pieces, such as a blazer, a trench or tailored trousers and pair them with what you have been wearing until now:

  • Put on your summer necklace to spice up a traditional fitted trouser + white shirt/blouse combo.
  • Wear a trench over a lighter summer dress while it’s still warm (my favourite style formula at the moment).
  • Pair a summer skirt with a blazer for an instant update.

If you are having summer blues, like me, it’s a great way to feel summer-y while looking city smart.

autumn office style

elegant autumn office style


2. Use the trends to inspire you rather than confuse or dictate what to wear

I don’t like following trends. The idea of someone deciding what I wear every season does not appeal to me. However, I love browsing shops when the new collections are in and looking through magazines to find new ideas and to get inspired to wear my current pieces in a new way.

I am currently loving the dark florals, romantic laces and deep pink shades: feminine, powerful and a bit of romantic drama.

What inspires you?

Maybe you are attracted to military detailing that add sharpness to your look?

Perhaps you love wide-legged trousers for their elegant grown-up silhouette? Great news, they are on trend and therefore easy to find this season.

“Pretty” elements, such as ruffles and pussy bows can help to create a feminine yet powerful look.

Remember, you choose who you get to be.

Autumn Style

3. Pick several pieces that bring you joy and find more than one way to wear them

Instead of mindless dressing, so many of women I speak to admit to, set some time aside to identify what are the pieces in your wardrobe that bring you joy.

If you are not loving your current clothes, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy an entire new wardrobe, but instead add fresh updates in form of accessories or new styling.

Investing a bit of time ahead of the season to put more intention into what you wear will help you to effortlessly put together outfits in months to come and feel joyful about your clothes and when you wear them.

You may discover you already have what you love in your wardrobe and only need to update your accessories drawer to bring seasonal freshness to your look. Or you may find you need to buy what is missing to enable you to wear more of your favourite items. That’s useful information.

Be strategic and you’ll save time and money. And, most importantly, you will be able to have more joy with your style.

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