My Style Philosophy -

My Style Philosophy

My mission is to help you define, accept and feel amazing about who you are at this moment in your life, beyond your age, body shape and profession.

One of my core beliefs is that beauty and elegance are as much about the internal as they are about the external.

If a woman feels beautiful, she is beautiful, whether or not she fits in with the “standards”.

There is no one-fits-all formula for each body shape because there is a woman underneath that shape and there is so much more to us than our age, body shape and hair + skin colour.

There is no one approach to style which fits all women. I truly believe each woman deserves her own unique approach to unlocking her signature style.

Signature style is not a prescription, it does not have to restrict you – it can have a range as wide as you require.

We are different therefore we have different requirements when it comes to style.

Are you a woman who finds the idea of a 24-piece mix & match wardrobe limiting and want to have a more fun and creative approach to style?

Are you a woman who loves the idea of the organisation and time saving a 24-piece wardrobe offers you?

Are you a woman who likes to have separate work and play wardrobes?

Are you a woman who likes to express your unique edge in all outfits, whether dressing for work or going out?

There is no right or wrong.

As a style and lifestyle consultant, it is not my job to tell you what you should like. You know best what feels good to you.  

Think of me as your guide and translator of your inner beauty, desires and potential into your external beautiful expression.