Shine on stage with your authentic style -

Shine on stage with your authentic style

Whether you are looking to be invited to speak more or regularly host your own events, there is nothing like having nothing to wear for the occasion to make the experience frustrating instead of exciting.

A client has shared with me recently that after our private day, where we spent the afternoon designing her unique signature style for speaking in one of my favourite shopping areas, Marylebone Hight Street in London, she has begun receiving invitations to speak from everywhere. To me, this shows that when a woman is ready both on the inside AND the outside (they are inter-connected), the right opportunities show up and there is no need to chase.

And even if you already have all your speaking engagements lined up, there is enough to think about when preparing for your moment in the spotlight, so when your speaking wardrobe is taken care of, that’s one thing less to think or worry about.

Choose a look that is out of alignment with you, and you may feel awkward on stage and your energy will be affected. When you are distracted by self-consciousness, discomfort or outfit that constantly needs adjusting, there will be a disconnect for the audience too.

What makes a sensational speaking outfit? Here is what to keep in mind when choosing your outfit for stage.

1. Authenticity

Stylish women, whether they are on or off stage, always reflect their personality in what they choose to wear. Trying to look like someone you are not will create a misalignment in your presence. You will feel it and your audience will feel it too. If you are a woman who loves easy practical outfits and chooses to wear a strict skirt suit on stage, not only will she feel odd, but she will be uncomfortable too, for example. Not a great feeling when all attention is on you.

2. Comfort factor

Pointy FlatsThis brings me to another important factor – your physical comfort. If your outfit looks great but makes you feel restricted or uncomfortable, it is not the right outfit for your speaking event. When you are uncomfortable, you are not able to relax, which will impact your own experience and your delivery.

Tight dresses, for example, may look flattering and striking, but you may not able to sit down comfortably (sometimes you get to sit on stage) or have difficulty fitting your microphone. So they are best left for the evening part.

If you can barely walk in high heels, choose something that will give you freedom of movement. Maybe go for a mid or low heel or elegant flats. I’m currently loving pointy ballerina flats.

3. The right fit

This may seem obvious, but how often do we have clothes that don’t fit us perfectly in our wardrobes? Too baggy and you will look frumpy. Too small and you will look uncomfortable (and, in many cases, bigger than you are). Know your shape, know what fits you and befriend a tailor, who may be able to make a few small adjustments to transform a piece from average to perfect.

4. Practicality

outfit“Practical” may not be the most exciting of words, but it does matter when you are on stage. Find out in advance what microphone you will be using so you can think about how it works with your outfit. You may want to wear separates (such as a skirt and a blouse or trousers with a top) rather than a dress or something with a bit of space so your battery pack can be hidden.

5. It is aligned with your Personal Brand

As a woman in business, you are an expression of your personal brand at all times, whether you speak on stage or post a photo on Facebook. Even though you make what is your personal brand, it is still important to define it.

What words would you use to describe your personal brand? What does it feel like to you? What feelings do you want it to evoke in your audience?

Now look at what you wear on stage. Does it reflect these words and feelings?

When your personal brand is reflected in your style, it will give you a credibility factor. Plus, don’t forget you will probably be photographed and will want to use the photos for your website and promotional material.


6. The details…

Put quite simply, the details make stylish outfits that help women shine. The belt you choose to wear, that statement necklace, how you roll the sleeves of your shirt, the way you combine colours, even the shoes you wear, the pattern on your skirt, the length of your trousers. And that’s where you can have most fun and express your unique personality.

7. Don’t forget about hair and make-up

Your hair and make up is part of your overall look. I have seen women experiment on stage with their hair to complement and enhance their outfits on different occasions and I can tell you the effect is very powerful. If you are not excited by the thought of doing your hair and make-up yourself, why not book someone to do it for you? You deserve to be treated like a queen before you go on stage (and every day too!).

8. It makes you feel great

This is probably the most important piece. If an outfit makes you feel great, you can conquer the world (not that you would want to). Feeling great gives you confidence, openness, radiance. Even if the outfit looks perfect and ticks all the boxes, it is how it makes you feel that makes it a winning one. Trust your feeling.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and that you are getting ideas for your next speaking outfit from this blog.

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