Style Retreats In Europe and Beyond -

Style Retreats In Europe and Beyond

From time to time, I combine my passions of style and travel and invite women to join me on style retreats in my favourites cities in Europe, across the world and, of course, in London (there is always something new to discover in my home city). Each place has a unique vibe and transformation to offer.

For example, Antwerp in Belgium is home to avant-garde fashion that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Berlin has a very creative and entrepreneurial vibe and it’s reflected in its style offering. Rome is grand, luxurious, a place to express your femininity in a bold way. Paris, well everyone knows about Paris… It’s timeless, chic elegant but it’s also about ease (without compromising that elegance). This is just to name a few.

To learn more about these fun, luxurious style days and to learn when you can join me on my next retreat, email me by clicking here.

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