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How to succeed elegantly – lessons from the stylish Carine Roitfeld and others

Last weekend I was lucky to attend a very interesting and inspiring event, a conference for women called One of Many. During this amazing¬†three day event about 200 women listened to engaging presentations on how to bring more feminine energy, ease and flow into all aspects of our daily life (and yes that includes work), […]

Tired of working hard? There is another way

December has been traditionally a month of hard work in my life. For the ten years I spent in the corporate world, every December I was swept by the fast paced end of year energy and pressure to achieve the annual targets, tick off as many to dos as possible and please my bosses so […]

Can the easiest route be the most effective one?

As it is the beginning of a new month, I started this week with reflecting, planning and goal setting, just as I do at the beginning of every month. I was shocked to find out from my calendar that I only have 8¬†full working days out of the available 20 this month, based on 5 […]