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Balance between being and doing

Yesterday, I found myself on a verge of breaking into tears on a flight to Spain. I was trying to do some work on the flight, so I would be able to spend three days disconnected from technology, to-do lists and emails, enjoying precious time with my family, sunshine and delicious food and wine. I had a […]

Lessons from my first year of freedom based lifestyle

A year ago, I walked out of my corporate job in a communications consultancy to live life on my own terms, which for me then meant doing fulfilling work, creative expression, travel, spending more time with loved ones and enjoying an inspired lifestyle. Excited about possibilities that lied ahead I booked myself on a trip to […]

How to be successful in two simple steps

Earlier this week, during a conversation with a friend, a successful woman running her own business, she shared with me that she is no longer interested in working hard and achieving new heights in her career. This, she says, is common amongst her other female friends who have successful post-graduate degrees or spent some years working to […]