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What To Do When You Are Going Through Change

We all go through changes, growth, transformations. If you, like me, are focused on personal growth, you probably go through some form of change or transformation fairly often. However, from time to time a big breakthrough or shift happens, and it can throw us off balance. This is something that is very real for me right […]

The power of play and why you need to embrace it right now

What associations are showing up in your head when you hear the word “play”? Do you think about how long it has been since you last played? Are you thinking who has time for it in the grown up world? Are you smiling at a fun memory that is still very fresh in your head? I […]

Can the easiest route be the most effective one?

As it is the beginning of a new month, I started this week with reflecting, planning and goal setting, just as I do at the beginning of every month. I was shocked to find out from my calendar that I only have 8 full working days out of the available 20 this month, based on 5 […]