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The power of play and why you need to embrace it right now

What associations are showing up in your head when you hear the word “play”? Do you think about how long it has been since you last played? Are you thinking who has time for it in the grown up world? Are you smiling at a fun memory that is still very fresh in your head? I […]

Tired of working hard? There is another way

December has been traditionally a month of hard work in my life. For the ten years I spent in the corporate world, every December I was swept by the fast paced end of year energy and pressure to achieve the annual targets, tick off as many to dos as possible and please my bosses so […]

What do women who have it all do differently?

Last week I was exploring streets of romantic Savannah in Georgia in the company of 13 amazing women, as part of a special Mastermind programme I have joined earlier this year. Time spent in such a beautiful setting with such an inspiring company affected me more than I could imagine. It is true what they say – you […]

What does fun have to do with success?

Recently, I have heard several people say that starting your own business is the best personal development course. Being in the middle of launching my business, I could not agree more.  First weeks of working on my own were like nothing I had experienced before: full of excitement, ideas, learning opportunities and overwhelm that didn’t even […]

How to declutter your life and create a stylish lifestyle

As I am writing this from 35 000 ft in the air on my way to Lisbon for a mini break, I am feeling relaxed and inspired. Catching up with a former colleague from my full-time corporate job days earlier today made me realise how used I have become to feeling relaxed, connected to my body and desires, inspired and simply happy. Last year, feeling this way on a daily basis was only a fantasy that I chose to believe was possible. Instead, I was feeling stressed, scattered, disconnected from inspiration and always busy. Yes, “busy” was my favourite word for a while. I almost took pride in being busy, as if it were an honorable way to live my life, always busy. Too busy to prioritise my self-care needs and sleep, too busy to reply to my friends’ messages on time, too busy to stop and think about what I actually feel or desire. Being always busy meant I was tired, overwhelmed and frequently experiencing burn outs. Sounds familiar?

Today, I know that there is no happiness in being busy. In fact, the minute I start using the word “busy” to describe my day to someone or to choose not to have the experience I desire or require – be it do Pilates, spend time with a dear friend or take my daily walk – I know I am off track and my schedule and how I prioritise things need to be reviewed.