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Event in London: Enhance Your Personal Growth Journey with Style

Are you a woman on a personal growth journey? Are you committed to living life on your own terms even though it is not easy at times? And do you desire to make this journey easier and more joyful for yourself? If this is you, I would like to truly¬†acknowledge you. I know committing to […]

A Powerful Word Every Woman Requires to Use

[yt4wp-video video_id=”o75l7B3dLuI”]   I would like to talk to you about a very powerful word that every woman requires to use but probably is not using enough. I have not been very good at using this word throughout my life and I am still learning. But I am much more aware of the power of […]

What To Do When You Are Going Through Change

We all go through changes, growth, transformations. If you, like me, are focused on personal growth, you probably go through some form of change or transformation fairly often. However, from time to time a big breakthrough or shift happens, and it can throw us off balance. This is¬†something that is very real for me right […]

How to create real freedom in your life

Yesterday, I was having tea with girlfriends after visiting a late night viewing at one of London’s beautiful art galleries. I had not seen one of them for nearly a year and she was keen to hear about my new entrepreneurial lifestyle. The first thing she told me was that it must be amazing to […]

Tired of working hard? There is another way

December has been traditionally a month of hard work in my life. For the ten years I spent in the corporate world, every December I was swept by the fast paced end of year energy and pressure to achieve the annual targets, tick off as many to dos as possible and please my bosses so […]