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How to succeed elegantly – lessons from the stylish Carine Roitfeld and others

Last weekend I was lucky to attend a very interesting and inspiring event, a conference for women called One of Many. During this amazing three day event about 200 women listened to engaging presentations on how to bring more feminine energy, ease and flow into all aspects of our daily life (and yes that includes work), […]

Does your story inspire you?

I have a question for you: do you like a good story? Most likely, the answer is “yes”. People love stories. Have you noticed how engaging we find stories? A good movie, a fascinating book or even a story in a magazine or newspaper all have the power to attract our attention and draw us in, often […]

The most powerful way to plan your year

Early January is a beautiful time of the year. After a busy December the time slows down. Everyone is so full of hope and positive energy. New intentions and plans are being created. I really enjoy this period of reflection and new energy. So many of us are getting back to work, setting goals and committing to new […]

How to create a magnetic brand, even when you are just starting out

I have just come back from an inspiring event for women entrepreneurs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not only did the event gather 40 amazing women in the room and helped each of grow, but it was also perfectly organised and stylishly beautiful to the last detail. Feeling ready to plan my own event in 2015, […]

How to be successful in two simple steps

Earlier this week, during a conversation with a friend, a successful woman running her own business, she shared with me that she is no longer interested in working hard and achieving new heights in her career. This, she says, is common amongst her other female friends who have successful post-graduate degrees or spent some years working to […]