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How to succeed elegantly – lessons from the stylish Carine Roitfeld and others

Last weekend I was lucky to attend a very interesting and inspiring event, a conference for women called One of Many. During this amazing three day event about 200 women listened to engaging presentations on how to bring more feminine energy, ease and flow into all aspects of our daily life (and yes that includes work), […]

How to be successful in two simple steps

Earlier this week, during a conversation with a friend, a successful woman running her own business, she shared with me that she is no longer interested in working hard and achieving new heights in her career. This, she says, is common amongst her other female friends who have successful post-graduate degrees or spent some years working to […]

What do women who have it all do differently?

Last week I was exploring streets of romantic Savannah in Georgia in the company of 13 amazing women, as part of a special Mastermind programme I have joined earlier this year. Time spent in such a beautiful setting with such an inspiring company affected me more than I could imagine. It is true what they say – you […]