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How to create a magnetic brand, even when you are just starting out

I have just come back from an inspiring event for women entrepreneurs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Not only did the event gather 40 amazing women in the room and helped each of grow, but it was also perfectly organised and stylishly beautiful to the last detail. Feeling ready to plan my own event in 2015, […]

Can the easiest route be the most effective one?

As it is the beginning of a new month, I started this week with reflecting, planning and goal setting, just as I do at the beginning of every month. I was shocked to find out from my calendar that I only have 8 full working days out of the available 20 this month, based on 5 […]

What message is in your style?

What are your thoughts on style? What answers are coming up? Are you losing interest in reading further? Are there any judgements? Are you curious? I should say upfront that this post is not about how to dress in the most flattering way or what dress to pick for your speaking gig. This post is about […]

How to be successful in two simple steps

Earlier this week, during a conversation with a friend, a successful woman running her own business, she shared with me that she is no longer interested in working hard and achieving new heights in her career. This, she says, is common amongst her other female friends who have successful post-graduate degrees or spent some years working to […]

How to do less in business to get more

I am sure you have heard of the famous expression: “Less is more”.  It has become part of our daily language, often used in the context of style and fashion, but also design, art and more recently lifestyle, as minimalism goes back in fashion. In style context, as women, we have been taught that in […]