Ten Reasons to Get Excited About Autumn Style -

Ten Reasons to Get Excited About Autumn Style

How do I adapt to autumn-winter style after the ease 0f summer style? Is it even possible to get excited about it?

This is the question I hear from women around this time.

For many of us, it seems, a  sense of ease we feel in summer, when you can throw a light dress on and look great with minimal effort, is replaced by a certain heaviness when autumn arrives.

Especially for a busy professional woman, whose schedule is getting fuller with every drop of temperature, thinking about layering, keeping warm while looking stylish, needing more items to put outfits together can feel like a complete chore. Chunky knits, which everyone is talking about, are certainly cozy, but not ideal for a high level client meeting…

This sense of heaviness can suck all the joy out of your style.

Yet, there is so much to celebrate with the arrival of the new season, even if it means wearing more layers.

I’ve put together a list of reasons why this season is in fact very exciting for your personal style. (I need this reminder too as I adjust to a new season). I hope this list will inspire you to celebrate the arrival of autumn and have more fun with the new season style.

The Joy of Autumn Style

1.It’s finally ok to wear tights. Tights look odd in summer, even when it’s cold. So when it’s cool in summer, I go for trousers, which feels really limiting. Now, when the temperatures drop, we can wear our dresses and skirts and stay warm in opaque or semi-opaque tights.

2. While we are on the subject of tights, let’s not forget there are colours and patterns beyond black: classy, yet playful dots are fun, lacy statement tights look elegant if you opt for a muted tone that matches the colours of your outfit or opaques in softer neutrals such as navy or grey can add a certain detail to your outfit.

Photo Credit: fashiondesain http://www.fashiondesain.com/fashion-trends/chanel-channels-classic-cinema-for-pre-fall-2016

Photo Credit: fashiondesain

3. Hats! We can start wearing hats. There is so much more choice for autumn/winter hats than there is in summer. Plus, a hat is one piece that will instantly help you be visible and stand out for all the right reasons. Wearing a hat shows you are a confident woman.


4. Belts. While in summer we don’t necessarily feel comfortable with clothes clinging to our bodies, in autumn it feels lovely to have your blouse tucked in or your dress clinched at your waist, so no cold air gets underneath your clothes. And don’t stop there. You can put belts on jackets, blazers, even coats. Have fun with them. They are such an easy accessory to update your look with.

French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt Photo credit: whowhatwear.co.uk http://www.whowhatwear.co.uk/fashion-trend-belted-jacket-coat-emmanuelle-alt-french-vogue-editor-2014/slide2

French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt
Photo credit: whowhatwear.co.uk

5. Wools and cashmeres, is there anything cosier than these soft yet warm fabrics? They come in all shapes and forms from thin sweaters that look great under a blazer to dresses, to scarves and even loungewear. Very few fabrics feel as luxurious and cozy at the same time as good quality cashmere. So yes to more comfort and luxury!

6. Autumn style is not only more grown up but it carries a sense of luxury. The other day I popped into one of my favourite boutiques in London, and got chatting to the owner about the new collections an how elegant they are. I don’t know if you ever noticed, but fashion industry tends to put a lot more effort into its autumn winter collections. The fabrics are more luxurious, the cuts tend to be more elegant. Summer fashion feels transitional and trendy, while autumn is an opportunity to put on your timeless pieces, such as classic cashmere coat, pencil skirt or a well cut pair of trousers and feel like an elegant woman worthy of luxury.

7. Autumn purples, mauves, burgundies and bordeaux shades are one of my favourite things about this season. For you it may be deeper shades of green or brown. Autumn is a season of gorgeous colours. Just as we enjoy the colours of nature this season, we can let the colours we wear this season be a source of joy too.


8. Boots. I feel ultra feminine yet very powerful when I wear knee-high boots (as in picture above). I love the feeling they give me. And there is no need to worry if your pedicure chips a bit ;-).

9. Scarves are my favourite autumn wardrobe item. I have over 20 and I frequently update them. Wearing a stylish scarf is a great way to express your personality. You can go for animal print or bright colour for instant confidence boost without needing to wear a complex pattern or bright colour head to toe. Scarves make it so easy to style your outfits in autumn.

Brighten any outfit with a simple scarf

Brighten any outfit with a simple scarf

10. Powerful feminine is back in style. So why not use this opportunity to express your unique femininity? Not that we need a permission from the fashion industry, but it helps when the collections available in shops are meant for grown up women. British Vogue calls is the new sassy: clever sexiness, powerful silhouette, well put together outfits. As a New York designer and stylist Brandon Maxwell has put it: “We are now in an era where we dress for a powerful state of mind”. I say “yes” to that!

What are you loving about autumn style?


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