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“After our session, Natalia designed examples of outfits tailored to my own tastes and colour scheme that I still go back to for inspiration. Most of all, beautiful Natalia helped me put a name to my own unique style, something I had struggled to do for years. With her I realized that my personal style was just an extension of my life purpose. BEING IN LOVE. My clothes are now imbued with romance and the joie de vivre of love. Now, lots of my outfits tie together masculine and feminine elements, like the soft flowy silks under a military coat or a goddess dress with an man’s shirt.

Speaking with Natalia was a dream. My time working with her was a delight and gave me profound insight into authentic style. You’ll be asked a lot of fun questions to bring out the most of your character and quirky personality traits in your clothing. She’s very committed to helping women find their OWN personal style and then having fun with it!! She’s interested in you being you in the most radiant, beautiful way.”
 Amanda Neill, Founder of Birth of Venus Coaching


Jane-Beinart-67.jpg-22I was a bit apprehensive before my session with Natalia, as having someone look through my wardrobe actually felt quite vulnerable.  But it was so worth it!  Natalia pointed out some really obvious things – which I would never have realised myself – like needing more of a capsule wardrobe and that a lot of things don’t actually go together because I love colour.  She gave me lots of tips, such as choosing necklines that flatter, how to choose better fitting trousers, and even how to order my wardrobe.  And then I had a great document afterwards tailored to me with lots of tips, inspiration and things to think about when shopping.

Since our session I am really consciously changing my shopping habits.  I am being a lot more picky (usually I would buy more things than I have and then never wear them or not be happy with them), buying good quality basics (so far new jeans, tops and a nice Spring jacket).  I am getting lots of nice compliments and am starting to feel a lot more like me in what I wear. For me it’s now a case of building up my wardrobe gradually to what I want it to be, learning to enjoy shopping and making my new shopping knowledge habit.  It has helped me to feel happier about getting dressed in the morning and have more fun with this too.  Thank you so much Natalia!”

Jane Beinart, artist  www.janebeinart.co.uk

Tanya Russell“Prior to working with Natalia, I felt stuck in a very comfortable, unflattering rut. I knew where I wanted to be, but not how to get there. It felt insurmountable, so I just carried on in my unflattering clothes.

Our session was fantastic, easy and uplifting. I liked that Natalia wanted to know so much about me, as opposed to just telling me what I should wear.  It was more about loving yourself and tweaking your clothes accordingly, rather than a massive wardrobe change that leaves you feeling less yourself than ever!  It felt like Natalia had really taken a note of me personally. I came away feeling small tweaks would have a big effect.

After our session, I feel confident and reassured that I can utilise the clothes I have to be a better, more feminine version of me. I have found a look a like that suits me that doesn’t involve a whole new wardrobe, and am better aware of the shapes I need to look for, so I don’t feel exposed and uncomfortable. It’s more an inside out job for me, but I feel like I’m on the right road now, I’m armed with the dressing tools I need to look and feel good.” 

Tanya Russell, Journalist


Elaine SullivanI can honesty say that my time with Natalia was one of the most pleasurable shopping experiences I have ever had.  Not only is she a lovely person and great to get along with, she’s got a manner about her that makes you feel very comfortable.  Having already had a consultation before we met in person, we then spent time over lunch discussing what I wanted / needed and she went the extra mile to really understand me and my personality so that the ‘style’ wasn’t just about the clothes.

For many years I have felt I’ve an odd body shape and this had stopped me from seeing clothes in a way that was anything other than functional but a day with Natalia changed my view.  She has helped me understand that shopping can be fun, that there are clothes out there that not only fit but can also really ‘sing my style’! I’d highly recommend her to anyone.  Thanks Natalia”

Elaine Sullivan, Skybrook Consultants Limited  www.skybrookconsultants.co.uk


“Thank you so much for the signature style alignment session. It was fascinating and gave me lots of ideas about what to look for when shopping for my work clothes and personal wardrobe. I now look at potential new clothes with a different view! I feel you really made an effort to understand me and how I am as a person, and you were spot on with the outfit suggestions.” 

Denise O’Dwyer, Feng Shui Consultant www.fengshuielement.co.uk