The Power of A Clear Out -

The Power of A Clear Out

Getting into a habit of regularly clearing out what no longer serves me in my life has been one of the most powerful new routines that has transformed my life from cluttered, busy and always responding to external demands to balanced, joyful and self-honouring.

I will start with the wardrobe, often the most powerful and also the most dreaded area for us women to clear.

Wardrobe clear out is not just for spring time. In fact, autumn is a perfect time for space clearing as we are preparing for winter and to spend more time indoors. Neither is a wardrobe clear out just about decluttering your physical space. Letting go of clothes that no longer express your essence is a profound emotional clearing too. This is why it is so hard to give up items in our wardrobes even if we no longer wear them – often to do with a piece of identity we are unable to shed.

DSC05456There is so much advice out there about how to declutter your wardrobe. Most of it focusses on getting rid of clothes that are worn out, out of fashion or don’t suit your shape. To me this is very useful but not complete. When focussing on functionality or state of  your clothes during the decluttering process, you will end up with a much better organised wardrobe that saves you time (if you have the courage to discard all that does not fit or suit).

However, when you approach this process from a different place, when you allow each piece to tell you a story about you, your lifestyle, your fears, your hopes, your desires, it becomes an opportunity for deep transformation.

This is how I have been approaching my wardrobe decluttering in the past 2 years and the changes it has brought into my life are beyond what I could have expected. I hope this process enables you to experience powerful changes in your life too.

Begin with intention

It is important to connect with your “why”. Your why is what will give you the motivation to go through this process.

Why are you clearing out your wardrobe? What is not working for you in your life?

What would you like to bring more of into your life right now? More organisation? More beauty? More harmony?

If you can, begin to visualise what your wardrobe and your life will look life after the clearing process.

Schedule time

In our busy lives, “I don’t have time for it” is the most popular excuse used by everyone. Now that you know why the clearing is so important to you, make time for it. We always find time and energy for what we perceive as important. See what you could clear out from your schedule to be able to honour yourself and your wardrobe space.

Turn Off Distraction 

Turn off your phone, radio, TV or any other background noise when you begin your clearing process. This is as much about emotional clearing as it is about discarding old clothes, so you need to be fully present. Reconnect with your intention and begin going through your clothes.

Go By Categories 

In her popular book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever”, Japanese decluttering expert Marie Kondo advises to declutter clothes by categories (tops, skirts, dresses, etc.) rather than going through each drawer or wardrobe separately. This has proven to be very effective for me too because doing it this way enables you to see the sheer volume of items you have in each category and shows what is missing too. 

Connect With Your Clothes On an Emotional Level

Pick up each item and ask yourself:

“Does this piece make me feel fabulous when I wear it?”

“Does it bring me joy?”

“Does it represent the woman I am today?”

When we go through out clothes asking rational questions, such as “Can I still wear this some time?” or “Does this suit my figure?” we can very easily find excuses to keep what really no longer serves us in our wardrobes. We can justify keeping something that does not make us feel fabulous because we paid a lot of money for it or because it is still in a good shape.

This dress brings me a lot of joy. The ones that didn't got to go - it really can be that easy

This dress brings me a lot of joy. The ones that didn’t got to go – it really can be that easy

When we ask ourselves the emotional questions, the truth emerges. We can no longer lie to ourselves. If something does not make us feel fabulous, and by the way that’s how you deserve to feel, then we can’t lie to ourselves.

A big shift for me was accepting that just because something suits my body share does not mean I need to keep it. This is
a powerful way of honouring the woman that you are.

Yes, doing it this way is much harder. You may need to allow yourself to feel emotional as you say “thank you” and “good bye” to clothes that have fulfilled their purpose for you. You may need to mourn releasing pieces of your identity that are no longer supporting you in your life.

What pieces of your identity are you ready to let go of? Is it a little girl (this was a big one for me)? Is it the “corporate” woman?

Indulge in Some Self-Care After 

After this powerful emotional and physical clearing, you deserve some quiet time and self-care. Take a bath with essential oils, go for a massage, buy yourself some flowers.

In the days following your clear out, commit to taking the clothes out of your life by either taking them to charity shops (my favourite way of recycling) or putting them up for sale so you don’t risk putting them back into your wardrobe. And be ready to receive in all areas of your life, now that you have created this beautiful new space. Be open to receiving clarity, new opportunities, new ideas and insights or even new people in your life.

Now It’s Over to You

I would love to hear your comments and how you experience this process in the comments area.

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