Refine Your Style -

Refine Your Style

Focusing on one area you require most support with, this programme is designed to provide a quick solution for your style concern.

Whether you are getting ready to speak and would like to update your signature outfit to reflect the new message and new you getting some fresh shots taken for your branding material, or getting ready for a special event, this session will support you in creating the outfits to reflect the woman you are today and help you shine.


Benefits include:

  • You have designed-for-you professional outfits that express the real YOU, make you feel confident and comfortable,
  • You get clear on what you like and what suits you,
  • You have a much greater appreciation for who you are and confidence to be that woman fully,
  • Your style is aligned with your personal brand so you can feel congruent with your message and have more impact with your work,
  • Style is no longer a chore, it brings you joy.

How we do it

We start with an in-depth questionnaire and Skype consultation, exploring where you are in your life, what your vision is and what your main style and personal image concerns are that may be stopping you from going more fully living your vision.

We then meet for a fun half-day session either at your home or at a specially chosen location. This is when we spend time on the practical side of style, creating outfits that are easy for you to wear and get you excited, learning how to use accessories and what accentuates your figure.

After the styling session, we get together for an integration session on Skype, where you can ask me any questions and where we map out your style plan that supports where you want to go next in your career or business.

You receive:

  • a personalised style guide with tips on what to wear, how to cultivate a gorgeous wardrobe that best supports you,
  • recommendations about where to shop and access to selected boutiques offering you as my client special discounts and after-work opening hours,
  • visuals of possible signature outfits for you,
  • style inspiration board
  • an opportunity to ask me any questions between the sessions.

To find out more about this programme and whether it’s right for you, book your complimentary no-obligation conversation with me here.