Transform Your Style and Personal Brand -

Transform Your Style and Personal Brand

Transform Your Style and Personal Brand

Similar to Style Refinement, this programme is more in-depth and is designed for those who are seeking style or personal brand transformation or wish to work on more than one area of the personal brand style.


  • This programme helps you to “nail” your signature brand style so you can go to the next level in your business and feel congruent with your message and vision,
  • You will feel photo shoot/stage/video (and any other visibility opportunity) ready,
  • Your wardrobe is aligned with who you are what where you want to go in life and career,
  • You have designed-for-you outfits that express a bigger vision of you, make you feel authentic, confident and comfortable,
  • You feel clearer, more confident and more joyful as a result of rediscovering and redefining yourself through your signature style.

How we do it

It starts with an in-depth Skype consultation to give you safe space to explore who you want to be in life, get clear on what makes you unique and what your vision is, as well as what style and personal brand challenges are in the way of you stepping up in your career or business.

You then get two private in-person sessions: one at your home, another one out for shopping or learning about what works for you, if you are not yet ready to buy new pieces.

After the styling session, we get together for an integration session on Skype, where you can ask me any questions and where we map out an easy-to-follow plan for you that supports where you want to go next in your career or business.

You receive:

  • a well-curated version of your wardrobe with only those items that feel good to you and suit you,
  • a personalised style guide with tips on what to wear, how to cultivate a gorgeous wardrobe that best supports you,
  • pictures of the outfits we created during our time together so you don’t need to think about how to put them together,
  • recommendations on where to shop and access to selected boutiques offering you as my client special discounts and after-work opening hours,
  • visuals of possible signature outfit,
  • style inspiration board.

To find out more about this programme and whether it’s right for you, book your complimentary no-obligation conversation with me here.